IRRISmart is an advanced decision support system which brings together innovative hardware technologies with mathematical models to assist agronomists on the correct management of irrigation.

The main aim of IRRISmart is to establish, season by season, the best irrigation strategy for each served crop. It acquires meteorological and soil moisture data from the field and it feeds a complex water balance model to forecast precise water needs for each crop.

IRRISmart can be managed directly by the agronomist because it is really easy-to-use. But, it can be shaped as a consultancy service provided by Informatica ambientale, which will follow the entire farm fields for the best irrigation strategy.

IRRISmart is a three tier system:

  • hardware on the field, which acquires data in real time;
  • modelisation of the water movement;
  • a decision support system, which assist the user making the right choice.

Would you like to have more information on IRRISmart? See the dedicated website!